About Us

Woman Owned Small Business 

OnPoint is a Woman Owned Small Business with expertise in project management, market development, outreach and laboratory support for the biological and space sciences. Our staff has experience in guiding government, academia and industry partners through challenging projects using innovative approaches.

Today, biotech, government and academic life science projects are large, complex and deadline driven. With lots of moving parts, people with conflicting points of view and poorly defined goals, projects can go off track and fail to deliver results.

OnPoint helps you manage through these challenges by partnering you with a specialized workforce capable of delivering in the toughest climates. In the face of declining budgets and tight schedules, we know our clients are resource constrained. We put the right employee in place, with the right expertise and the right attitude to ensure success.

For your project challenges, OnPoint is on it!

Our Mission and Philosophy

OnPoint's mission is simple - provide each client with the best solution possible while providing our employees rewarding careers. We aim to create a work environment where employees can thrive, feel appreciated and free to innovate. All of this while helping our clients grow their business.

We also believe that listening should always come first. Each client and employee has a story and we want to hear and understand it.

What really makes us tick is being a socially responsible and active participant in the communities in which we work and live.


Almost all companies have a list of values that they abide by and that's great. At OnPoint Scientific, we make sure our staff believe in what we believe in.  Each employee that is hired shares our company values of honesty, integrity and respect.

  • We believe that honesty, ethics and integrity should guide every business and life decision.
  • Respect for everyone we meet is a must. Each person has their own story and we need to listen to it. Understanding where someone is coming from makes all the difference.
  • Reliability. When people do what they say, that builds trust.
  • We recognize that each person has their own point of view of what "good" is. We strive to understand our clients' perception of quality and a job well done. That is the quality we deliver.
  • Set clear expectations. We set high expectations for our staff by working with the client to define clear project goals, roles and responsibilities.
  • Plan for success and deliver. We believe that thorough planning, communication, training, and clearly defined goals are the cornerstone of project success.
  • Happy people work hardest. Valued and trusted employees deliver products that exceed expectations.